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This new book by Allan Hardman details the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered, told through the tradition of the Toltecs of Mexico. Read more...


Allan Hardman is an insightful, poetic and compelling writer. The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book provides a fascinating look inside yourself, into the deepest truth of who you are, and gives you an easy to implement, step-by-step guide to using Toltec Wisdom to live a life that is happy, fulfilling, and successful. Learn powerful tools to heal yourself and create your life with a warrior's clarity and purpose. This book will show you how to really live the wisdom of The Four Agreements. Read more...


The Four Agreements
a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz
Published by Amber-Allen Publishing, San Rafael, CA, 1997

from The Four Agreements...

"When you transform your whole dream, magic just happens in your life. What you need comes to you easily because spirit moves freely through you. This is the mastery of intent, the mastery of the spirit, the mastery of love, the mastery of gratitude, and the mastery of life. This is the goal of the Toltec." This book is available in the Joydancer Store.

The Mastery of Love
A practical guide to the art of relationship by don Miguel Ruiz
Amber-Allen Publishing, San Rafael, CA, 1999

In The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring his message to life, Ruiz shows us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are our birthright, and restore the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships.

Prayers: A Communion with Our Creator
Inspiration and Guided Meditations for Living in Love and Happiness by don Miguel Ruiz, 2001

To pray is an act of power because it is an agreement between the human and the divine, and we invest our faith in that agreement. Through our faith, we gain the courage to take action, and through action, we move one step closer toward the manifestation of our desires. From the Introduction  

Beyond Fear
A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy

The Teachings of Miguel Ruiz as recorded by Mary Carroll Nelson, Published by Council Oaks Books, Tulsa / San Francisco, 1997

From "Beyond Fear": Fear is the source of all the negative agreements we've made in life. The comprehensive guide to the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of The Four Agreements. It can alienate us from the joy that is our birthright. When we are able to look at our lives without fear or judgments, we realize that reality can be whatever we want it to be. Beyond Fear leads seekers of the Toltec way of freedom and joy on their spiritual journey into a state of empowerment. More expansive than The Four Agreements, Beyond Fear contains information on life after death, prophecies about the evolution of humanity, and exercises and ceremonies to walk readers through the process of shedding fear and becoming spiritually and emotionally alive.  

Publisher of "The Four Agreements," "Mastery of Love,"
"Prayers: A Communion with Our Creator"and Cari Cole's CD, "Circle of Fire"

Publisher of "Beyond Fear"