If a photo is worth a thousand words, you will find millions of words here. Adventure on a visual “Journey of the Spirit” to Peru, a Mexican pyramid, or tropical beach. Enjoy an album dedicated to Allan’s teacher, Miguel Ruiz. Check out Allan’s impressions of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Come back soon, the album is expanding. (Almost) all photos by Allan Hardman.

Teotihuacán Pyramids, Mexico


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A Powerful Journey in Two Worlds... The Physical World of Pyramids, Sun, and Wonder, And a Spiritual World of Opening and Awakening

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— Pyramids and the Work
— Hotel, eating

— Hotel
— Pyramid climb
— Town


The Summer
Celebration of Life


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"Dancing in Joy with Life!"

This gathering in beautiful California is truly a celebration of Love, Life, and all things sacred. Wonderful days full of ceremonies, music, wisdom sharing,hanging out with old and new friends, great food, a drumming fire ceremony, and a Dreamtime Mitote!


Presented by Allan Hardman
and The Joydancer Spiritual Community.


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Tropical Beach Village of Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

February 10~14, 2014

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"Valentine's Workshop"
Retreat for Couples & Singles

Living in
Conscious Relationship

Join Allan in Chacala, Mexico for a week in Paradise, and learn, practice, and experience how to be in conscious relationship with yourself and all of Creation.

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• Chacala
Town and beach
House of the Eagles
(my house)
People, workshops, local
tour sites

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Tribute to
don Miguel Ruiz

Toltec Master & Author

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In early 1995, I had this dream:
I was leaving a simple cafe, probably in Mexico. As I walked past a booth, I saw a man earnestly speaking to his young companion. My instant thought was “That is a Nagual, talking to his apprentice. That is the teacher I want!” I hesitated, then heard they were speaking Spanish, and, in disappoint- ment, continued out the door.

When I got outside, I realized
that I could understand what
the teacher was saying, it was English! I turned to return to the cafe, but the door was locked, and I could not get back in.

In the dream, I vowed never to let that happen again. If the Nagual/ teacher appeared again, I would not walk away.


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Tribute to don Miguel
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Peru photos from the
Mexico general
a love  affair
Santa Cruz, Mexico
(a town near Chacala where
I have owned land for 20 yrs.
and want to build BIG).

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