All of the Teachers and Mentors in this section have been personally trained by Miguel Ruiz. Allan recommends each of them with love and respect. These teachers bring to the work unique backgrounds in psychology, business management, coaching, emotional healing, medicine, yoga, dream tending, or other specialized skills. Visit their web sites for information about their special gifts.

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Miguel Ruiz brought his Toltec practice to us from Mexico many years ago. Miguel’s love, wisdom, and great patience — along with his several books — have changed the lives of countless people, certainly including the teachers below. Go here to Allan’s pages In Gratitude and Honor of don Miguel (with many photos).

Jose Luis Ruiz is the son of Miguel Ruiz, and grew up in an incredible world of magic and long lineage of family tradition. His father, Miguel, and his grandmother Sarita, pushed José into experiencing the deep truths in the silent knowledge. When José rebelled, he lost his eyesight. His surrender to the truth of his blindness guided him to his awakening, and his vision returned. José now teaches the Toltec tradition and leads power journeys throughout the world, with an intense passion for the Truth. “Unconditional love for life equals Freedom!”  
Allan Hardman continues the Toltec tradition of Miguel Ruiz with his monthly Joydancer Wisdom Intensives, personal apprenticeships, “Journeys of the Spirit” to Teotihuacán and Peru/Machu Picchu, and his Toltec Apprentice Community Online -- affectionately known as "TACO." Allan’s engaging wit and strong intent combine to carry his healing message of Life and Love to countless seekers throughout the world. His extensive web site also includes a “Notebook” of writings, an Events Calendar, a Photo Album, and a sign-up for Allan’s “Joydancer (Not-So-Daily) Thought for the Day.” The Joydancer Online Store features masks, altar items, Latin American artifacts, jewelry, and medicine bags selected by Allan on his journeys, along with inspirational books and CD’s.
Barbara Emrys teaches the monthly Dreaming Intensives in Las Vegas, NV., and supports seekers through her web pages. Barbara’s life-long quest to know herself led her many years ago to experience the healing of don Miguel’s profound love and wisdom. She has become an incredibly clear and insightful teacher-- both disarmingly gentle and lovingly fierce. Barbara guides the powerful Dreaming program developed by don Miguel.
Gini Gentry, La Doña is a Nagual Woman in the lineage of Miguel Ruiz. She is a powerful teacher, who combines her sharp insight with a delightful sense of the humor. She is founder and guardian of “The Garden of the Goddess,” an enchanted learning center in the desert outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. From Gini’s web site: “When in doubt, ask--"what would love do here--" then do it.”
Rita Rivera is another of the powerful Nagual Women in don Miguel’s lineage. By combining the Toltec teachings with a deep understanding of the importance of bringing the emotional body into balanced harmony, Rita brings a unique vision to this work. She travels extensively, and maintains a private healing practice in San Diego, California.
Ed Fox brings another unique perspective to the teachings on the Toltec Path. With a background in business and coaching, Ed guides his students and apprentices to greater satisfaction and happiness in both their personal and their professional lives. He is a straightforward teacher, with sharp and valuable insights. He maintains a private coaching practice in Los Angeles, California, and teaches throughout the USA and in Mexico.
Peggy Raess is a wise and sensitive healer who has been studying and teaching with don Miguel for many years. She supports groups and apprentices locally in Los Angeles, and on journeys to sacred sites such as Teotihuacán in Mexico.
Phone: 310-475-1293
Gary Van Warmerdam combines the wisdom of the Toltec path with his experience in business management and as a Naval Officer. He enjoys the humor of our human condition without judgements or emotional reaction, and shares this perspective in his teaching.
Heather Ash is a gifted teacher of the Toltec Path with a strong background in earth rituals and ceremonies, in addition to being a long-time apprentice of don Miguel. She has co-founded the Toltec Center for Creative Intent, in Berkeley, California, which supports a local Toltec community and apprenticeship program, as well as firewalks, workshops, and travel to sacred sites internationally. Heather is the author of “The Four Elements of Change,” which is available through her web site.
Sheri Rosenthal comes to this teaching via a career as a Doctor of Podiatry. She combines the pragmatic approach and dedication of her healing profession with her delightful wit and a deep understanding of the Toltec principles. The result is a teacher with a commitment and love for her students and apprentices that offers them the opportunity for complete transformation. Sheri is the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom." She lives and teaches in Florida.
Brandt Morgan is a dynamic Toltec teacher filled with love and fun-- with an extensive background in Native American song traditions and wilderness awareness skills. Brandt has created the “Vision Walk” meditation practice, which is available on CD in The Joydancer Store, and will soon be published as a book. Brandt teaches and travels from Southern California.
Barbara Simon is an artist of her spirit. Her lifelong spiritual journey has led her to study with some of the most wise, respected, and visionary gurus, swamis, shamans, yogis, and spiritual leaders in the world, from Billy Porter to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda to don Miguel Ruiz. As a shaman and spiritual guide, Barbara creates a world of enlightenment for people looking to transform their lives. Barbara is the creator of "ToltecWear," an active clothing collection with beautiful ancient images designed to spread the Toltec message of Love. ToltecWear is available through her online store.
Victoria Miller is a wonderfully warm teacher, with a long history in the Toltec teachings. She is an expert on the sleeping dream, and will help you to use and integrate the unique images of those dreams to transform your waking life. She will also explore with you how changing your outer environment will effect your inner world.
Deborah Lord has a full range of offerings on her web site --apprenticeship trainings, personal healing sessions, a Teacher Training program, power journeys, her book (“Choosing Freedom: Tools of Transformation” with its two CD’s), and of course much more. She is a gifted and experienced teacher of the Toltec Path, and teaches from Massachusetts.
Maggie Caffery has not only trained with don Miguel, but also holds a Master’s Degree in Natural Health. She is dedicated to helping her students explore and heal the relationship between their minds and their bodies, and learn to know the body as an Ally. Working with Maggie, you will learn to listen to your body, and respond positively to its messages -- as well as learn practical and healthy ways to nurture and care for your body. Connect the physical with the spiritual. Maggie lives and teaches in Santa Rosa, California.
Ray Dodd is a dynamic and articulate teacher of this Toltec path providing guidance, programs and products designed to help you re-create any belief that stands in your way. He says, "If you want to change your life - RIGHT NOW - there is nothing more powerful than changing what you believe." Ray has integrated his long experience as a business executive and professional coach into his work with students and apprentices. His book “The Power of Belief,” is available for sale in bookstores,, and on his web site.
Susan Gregg met don Miguel in the early 1980’s, and got to know his teachings then. She has been sharing her love and wisdom, and creating books and tapes about the Toltec tradition, for many years from her home in Hawaii.
David Dibble has taken the principles learned during his long apprenticeship with Miguel Ruiz to the business community that he knows well. The combination has birthed his book, “The New Agreements in the Workplace,” and the “New Agreements Center for Enlightened Leadership.” The Center offers leadership training based on the latest business and spiritual thinking— an important contribution to the world of business. David is based in San Diego, California.
Kaye Thompson is a delightful psychotherapist and teacher of the Toltec wisdom who guides her clients and apprentices into seeing themselves clearly, and empowers them to transform perfectly according to their own needs. She lives and teaches in Sacramento, California.

Gloria Jean is another long time apprentice of don Miguel. Teaching from the wisdom of the heart, her gentle yet ruthless approach is simple, practical and powerful. She has a beautiful way of guiding seekers to accelerate their personal journeys by realigning their relationship to their emotions. Her special focus is on journeys for women, and she also offers mentorship programs and workshops for both men and women including a series she developed for parents and teachers.

Niki Orietas and Leo Van Warmerdam have partnered to create “The Dreaming Mind” to support those whose journey takes them deeper into “The Four Agreements.” They live and teach in the Los Angeles area, and have extensive experience with the Toltec path in their own lives. They each offer their own unique approach to the transformation that is available through this work.

Meghan McChesney Gilroy and Jamie Gilroy are devoted to helping you “Find Your True Love Now!” in a perfect romance with yourself and another. They bring techniques and passion for a Life filled with love from their own marriage and the Toltec path— and offer them to others through private appointments, seminars, and journeys. Perhaps it is time to remember to play with your beloved. Meghan and Jamie live and teach in Massachusetts.
Phone: 781-639-4868

Tatyana also teaches from Orange County, and nationwide. She is the goddess of sensuality and love, and shares her joy of life with her students and apprentices.
Phone: 714-730-5979
Lina and Dennis Carruth teach the Toltec path locally in Orange County, California, as well as on journeys to Teotihuacán, Mexico. For more information about their particular focus, call or write to them.
Phone: 949-499-0677
Sandra Diamond is a teacher with a multitude of skills and experience to enhance her Toltec guidance. She includes energy healing and Reiki, hypnotherapy, shamanic counseling, journeys, and even Jewelry by Dragonfly.
Cheryl Soltis in close apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, discovered she was artistic and clairsentient at an early age, and has continued to share her vision, creativity, clarity, and healing through her transformative teachings and ceremonies. Cheryl offers years of experience to local and long distance apprenticeships, through lectures, classes and workshops on many facets of the Toltec path. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she teaches in the surrounding areas.
Lennie Tan shares her love and wisdom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She supports groups and individuals there on this Toltec path to personal freedom.
Phone: 604-734-9876
Carol Toone enhances her Toltec teaching with her extensive background in business. She lives and teaches in San Diego, California.
Phone: 619-247-7625
Jasmine Gold apprenticed with Allan Hardman and continued on to the Dreaming Intensive with don Miguel. She especially loves the energetic practices such as Recapitulation breathing. She is an accomplished energy healer with an enthusiasm for community building. These joint interests have led her to create a drop-in Healing Clinic, where healers get together to share their gifts with everyone who needs them. Jasmine lives, teaches, and shares her knowledge in the Northern Bay Area town of Cotati.