Making a New Year's REVOLUTION

The Weekly Word #21~ December, 2007

We need another REVOLUTION! People in the United States, here in Mexico where I am living right now, and most other countries in the world have revolted against tyrannical and abusive leaders throughout history. Sometimes the revolutions are successful and new freedoms have emerged and stayed, and other times the Big Parasite has triumphed and freedoms have been lost, only to fought for later.

I think we have already learned that the resolutions we make for the New Year don't last long or work out very well. Out intentions are good, but something usually goes wrong. Perhaps you resolve to give up a habit that goes against you, slim down or buff up, be more loving, meditate more, give up sugar, be nicer to your partner, find a partner to be nice to, pay off your credit cards, make more money, find a better job, start your own business, keep your house/ car/ clothes/ kids/ dog cleaner, and hundreds of other good intentions.

If you have made New Year's resolutions in the past and "failed" to keep them, and then been mad at yourself or judged yourself for your failure, please, Please, PLEASE don't do that again this year. Instead, join me in a New Year's REVOLUTION.

Revolt and rebel against the voice of that Judge in your mind that says you "should" make all those changes, and then makes you wrong for being who you are and not following through! Don't tolerate anyone inside or out criticizing you. You are not bad, not wrong, not a failure at anything! Revolt!

Rebel! Fight Back!! Make 2008 the year of your revolt, your revolution against the tyrannical and abusive voices in your head that question you, doubt you, or judge you. Make this the New Year of Freedom in your life!


I hope you will think about this if you have not; or, if you need to again:
This universe is animated by an amazing and unknowable force. It seems to be in everything, from trees to turtles, from grains of sand to galaxies of space, and from algae in the swamp to humans in the shoe store. It is everywhere. It is even the force that holds the air between the swamp and shoe store in place, moving, balanced in its elements, and available for all life.

We can call this animating force LIFE. And I think you will agree that there seems to be only one of them. Trees are animated by the same Life force as turtles (and shoe stores). If there is only one Life animating everything in the universe, then YOU are created, animated, and directed by that Life. If we look at the sum total of everything Life creates and animates, we can see that it is all the same, one unified whole, one living being of Life, manifested in countless forms in a physical world.

(Still with me?)

My point: If there is only one thing here, in all of its different manifested forms, then it is all PERFECT-- there is nothing to compare it to, nothing outside of it. If the one whole is perfect, then every part of it has to be perfect. And YOU are part of it! Therefore, you are perfect! YOU are Life!

So, back to the REVOLUTION. Any voice-- inside or out, any person, event, memory, fear, or judgment that doubts your perfection is lying. LYING! Do I make myself clear?? LYING. There is nothing to fear, nothing to doubt. Just to be YOU! As Life. The perfect manifestation of a perfect force.

Then, if you want to work out or be more loving, of course, go ahead! But not because you "should" or have to, to prove you are okay, or are worthy of love. LIFE IS WORTHY OF LOVE ~ LIFE IS LOVE. You are Life.

REVOLT! Make this January calendar change your New Year's REVOLUTION. Stand up for your freedom, for your perfection, your Divine right to be exactly who Life is, as you! Let us declare our freedom from the tyranny and fear inside first, then the outside. Let's not waste any more time! NOW is the time for the Revolution! The goal is a world of peace inside and out, or as my teacher, don Miguel Ruiz says, ". . .to the eternal happiness of humanity."

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