If The Notebook is the heart of Joydancer wisdom, then these articles, book chapters, and teachings by Allan Hardman are the heart of the Notebook. We know you will want to bookmark this page, and return often to nourish your heart, mind and soul. Note that some of the documents are offered either as a web page to read or a pdf to download. New teachings are being added regularly. Enjoy!



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This new book by Allan Hardman details the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered, told through the tradition of the Toltecs of Mexico. Read more...


The Toltec Path and Wisdom ~
(for more wisdom, buy Allan's book on the left)

The Toltecs, Ancient and Modern
Are you a Toltec?

The Perfect Dream — pdf
This is a "must read" for everyone who wants to understand the deepest gift of the Toltec Wisdom

On Becoming a Toltec Dream Master
We awaken to the truth that "reality" is all a dream and we are the dreamers.

Allan, The Reluctant Apprentice
The story of Allan Hardman’s early apprenticeship with Miguel Ruiz

The Light and the Smokey Mirror
The light is the living messenger, carrying the message of creation to you.

The Four Agreements™
Allan’s summary of these important tools from Miguel Ruiz

The Toltec Warrior Remembers
To be Responsible is to know that our beliefs create our reality

The Dreamtime Mitote
The Dreamtime Mitote begins with a ceremony at sunset to hook this ray of the sun

Prophesies and the Evolution of the Human Dream
Throughout history, humans have wanted to know about the future

About Conscious Relationships ~

The New Relationship ~ Change Five Agreements to Make Love Come True
This is the heart of Allan's explorations of The New Relationship, and will be a book in the future.

The Challenge of Intimacy
The first in a series of articles about Conscious Relationships.
I would like to redefine intimacy as “our willingness to be open and present and share ourselves with others.”

Emotional Intimacy with Ourselves
We create all our relationships based on the needs they fill-- not a very romantic notion.

Relationships Created From Needs
Do you want to know the reason why so many people complain that they are in relationship with emotionally unavailable partners?

Five Ways to Avoid Intimacy
The intimacy we crave in relationships, is, at the same time, our biggest fear. It is not surprising that many of us have created strategies to avoid it.

The Lie of Love
There is nothing you must do to earn love, and no dance you need to do to keep it. Love is not a commodity; it is the truth of who and what you are.

Love is in the Air
There is a feeling that most all humans are missing and searching for; itís the feeling of peace from knowing they are okay.

The Impotent Hero ~ abridged
Who taught you what it means to be a man?

The Impotent Hero ~ pdf

The Impotent Hero ~ html
Healing the Wounded Masculine
Allan’s chapter from the Anthology “The Heart of Healing" describes the cause and healing of the guilt felt by many men for being men. A MUST READ for men, and the women who love them.

Speaking an Emotional Language
If you want to be better at expressing or sharing your feelings, learn to be very aware of your language.

Watch this space for more articles about Conscious Relationship!

Other Articles ~

Real Tips for Saving Your Marriage
Guaranteed to breathe new life and energy into your marriage

What IS Love?
I believe that we are born as Love.

On Telling Ourselves The Truth
We don't have to lie to ourselves anymore, but it takes courage.

The Snake on the Road: A Fairy Tale
One day, a long time ago, in the Time of Innocence. . .

The Gentle Freedom of Being a Nincompoop
Ahh, what freedom, what a simple gentle freedom. Care to join me?

A Fairy Tale
About a little girl and a little boy and the birth of the Judge

Your Storyteller as a Terrorist
The Storytellers knew it was their job to teach you their stories.
Written after 9/11.

Some Thoughts on Violence
For many people, the worst violence lives inside their own minds.

The Life of Jesus and Our Healing Journey
Jesus denies every lie the devil uses to seduce him away
from his Divinity. From a Christmas sermon by Allan

Investing Your Faith
Perhaps you know that it has not actually worked very
well to try to control your life.