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ARCHIVES of the "Weekly Word" from
Allan’s e-newsletter.

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A New Year's ReVolution!
Weekly Word #1 ~ January, 2007

Another Groundhog Day!
Weekly Word #2 ~ February, 2007

The Divine Valentine
Weekly Word #3 ~ February, 2007

The Dance of Life
Weekly Word #4 ~ March, 2007

The Secret About The Secret
Weekly Word #5 ~ May, 2007

The Secret About Dreaming
Weekly Word #6 ~ May 15, 2007

The Secret About Changing the Dream
Weekly Word #7 ~ June, 2007

Secret of the Secret, Clarity
Weekly Word # 8 ~ June, 2007

The Hidden Power of The Four Agreements
Weekly Word # 9 ~ August, 2007

Petty Tyrant
Weekly Word # 11 ~ August, 2007

Multi-tasking is Impossible
Weekly Word # 12 ~ August, 2007

The True Meaning of Forgiveness
Weekly Word # 10 ~ August, 2007

Multi-tasking is Impossible
Weekly Word # 12 ~ August, 2007

The Angel of Death Rocks!
Weekly Word # 13 ~ September, 2007

Living in Healthy Relationships
Weekly Word #14 ~ October, 2007

You Can Never Be Good Enough ~ By Proving You Are
Weekly Word #15 ~ October, 2007

Answering the Soul's Desire for Connection
The Weekly Word #17 ~ Christman, 2007

Making a New Year's REVOLUTION
The Weekly Word #21~ December, 2007

Some Thoughts and Observations about Life in Mexico
The Weekly Word #22 ~ February, 2008

"Wake Up! Wake Up!"
The Weekly Word #24 ~ May, 2008

ARCHIVES of the "Joydancer (Not-So-Daily)
Thought for the Day"

Always Be Impeccable with Your Word
To never go against yourself demands absolute self love and acceptance of yourself.

Whenever Preferences are Held, Freedom is Lost
The purest freedom . . . is the freedom from fear.

Tengo La Culpa
Tengo la Culpa says "You are right. It is my fault." Conflict ends.

What Kind of Love?
Love comes in many forms.

You Cannot Heal Yourself Out of Hell
You can only LOVE yourself into Heaven on Earth-- and it is instant.

Passionate Involvement Without Attachment to the Outcome
No matter how happy one might feel ... if there is attachment to the outcome. . . then fear will be present.

Lucid Living
The greatest gift I have received … is the understanding that our minds are dreaming 24 hours a day.

I Tell Only Love Stories, I Sing Only Love Songs
How many ways can you say "I Love You" to yourself?

A Prayer for September 11, 2001
Beloved Divine Presence, I open my heart to you.

Honoring September 11, 2001
The day we as a country and a people lost our innocence.

Solstice Ceremony
I heard the words of the man Jesus, who knew himself as The Light

Try It, and if You Don't Like It, Change It!
The earth moved beneath my Perfectionist's feet...

Here Live da' Judge
Washing dishes was never so enlightening...

On Conflict - The War with Iraq
When one side needs their dream to be RIGHT...

The Art of Not Knowing
We come into this Life not knowing much of anything.

Two Dreams of New Year's Resolutions
Without the Judge, the entire idea of resolutions changes dramatically.