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"I just joined TACO, your Toltec Apprentice Community On-line program today. You've done an incredible job with the site.... it's very clear and easy to use. I am looking forward to the program."
Michelle S., "seagoddess," Washington

"The Gateways are awe-inspiring and the TACO CHAT is more fun and educational than I ever thought possible. I don't regret for a minute, the investment of my time and resources towards a journey of a lifetime. This experience is literally changing my life and my perception of the world. We DO have a wonderful community and I invite you to join us." Valerie W., "Tigger," Kimberely, B.C., Canada (TACO Member since January 2002)

"I'm blown away by the first gateway-- and looking forward to the next!"
G.M., "radiant," Ohio
"I'm actually enjoying my journey through Gateway 2. I've done tons of self exploration over the years, and facing myself is not new to me. What is new is that I am being so much more patient and loving with myself than ever before. And recognizing my strengths within my weaknesses. I am facing great challenges in "the world" right now, and dealing better than ever before, feeling grounded in my own reality of love instead of getting caught up in others' fear and hate. And I really believe this is due to the Toltec teachings."
L.C., "lcrystal," Ohio

"I really enjoyed the first half of the Gateway One CD. What I really found interesting was when Allan was taping live from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun... my whole body started to vibrate from the energy...very cool!" L.H., "LadyMoon," Michigan

"Two years ago I was in a bookstore and picked up a book with a lovely flower on its cover. Glancing through it, I thought "I do not need another self-help book." A few weeks later I started working with don Allan in the office and my life has been transformed through the Toltec work. I never dreamed my life could make such a radical shift in such a short time frame. I now know I blessed myself by dreaming don Allan, TACO and the Toltec community into my life."
Terri W., "Dream Warrior," California

"I am so amazed by your Toltec Internet teaching. I am only at the Gateway #2 and already I am transforming to the person that I always wanted to be. I never knew that life could be so beautiful. I am so happy about Toltec. It is something that I want live for the rest of my life." A.L., Toronto, Canada
"Last night, don Allan participated in the TACO chat, and after we (there were several of us) "danced" around in the inevitable "mitote", the conversation took a very instructive turn, and, in fact, became, what was for me anyway, the most enlightening, instructive, and helpful conversation I have ever shared while walking the Toltec path. I experienced what the meaning of "A Path With Heart" means, in a deeper way than I have ever experienced it before." E.M., "Medicineman," Texas

"I want to express my joy in today's conference call. What a warm and receptive community TACO is. I am so grateful to you and the community!!" Lucy J., "Windhorse," Canada

"I must say that I am loving my TACO. I am in Gateway one and I've found this to be a wonderfully loving and supportive community so far. Which is great since - let's face it -all of us need as much help from other Warriors as we can get. Yes, Love is alive and doing very well in TACO. What a gift Love has given us to walk side by side to freedom." V.S., "oceanbnd9," Florida

"I was studying in Gateway One and just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it! It is an inspiration and I cried with relief to meet my Spiritual Warrior. It was one of those "where has this info been all my life" moments". E.K., "Liza," California

"ditto ditto ditto ....... right on, right on right on ..... Praise be to the TACO Conversation Forum ......the Forum is more fun and educational than I ever thought possible... so true. It's not anything like whatever I thought it would be like, and, what it really is like is really incredible. I guess you just have to be there to really understand these ravings." E.M., "Medicineman," Texas

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Testimonials of Joydancer Journey's of the Spirit

"How many ways can I say "I love you" to Allan Hardman for his exceptional teaching, gentle guidance and support on my first journey to Teotihuacan? I started out from home wanting desperately to change my life, and came away with more than I could have ever imagined, and exactly what I needed. I also found a loving, supportive family of fellow travelers and teachers. I am so grateful for the wonderful assistance I received from Maggie Caffery and MaryAnn Granieri, two strong and amazing teachers who helped me make the transition from my old self to who I am only five days later. I feel like I can move through the world with newfound integrity, and the tools to dismantle the lies, fear, and the seemingly endless mitote of the mind. Allan was dedicated to the experience of everyone who came on the trip. Looking forward to more adventures! Love love love love love love love love love" Jessica V., New Jersey
"I went to Mar de Jade for the workshop on Love, unsure why I was going, except that I knew I had to go. Allan promised us all that we would not return unchanged. He kept his promise! The magical location, and the love of the group, combined to create massive personal growth for me. I am truly grateful and appreciative for the opportunity Allan made possible." Y.S.
"The first thing I would say about the journey to Teo is how well planned it is. A wonderful hotel, great food, and everything on track the whole time. I went on the journey hoping for positive changes in my life and came back with so much more. It's like the silly Master Card commercial... Plane ticket $400, buying food $100... the journey: Priceless. I gained a lot of insight into myself and found lots of love and support along the way. The ceremonies and teachings were meaningful and beautiful. Words can not describe the beauty and magic of Teo itself. I came home from the journey feeling touched by the Divine, and with new excitement for my life. It is a wonderful trip and I will never forget it." Stacey S., Michigan

"I wanted to thank you for all the love and support that you gave me during My journey in Mexico and wanted to let you know that something has permanently shifted with respect to my "physical energy" and "emotional energies" and that you were instrumental in that transformation. Bless you." Anne L., Toronto, Canada

"Thank you for your artistry in Teo and in awakening my heart. The sacred dance of remembering my essence was a gift gracefully bestowed, and I receive it openly. This taste of sweet nectar of the Gods, and the ancient mysteries revealed is alive and stirring within me." Beverly B., California

"Pure light. Crystal gel packets blackened wake streams manifesting through the portal of our sun. Always present, penetrating my willing awareness now. God's mirrors reciprocating, blossoming, quickening. Humbled, meek, well-trained, disciplined, allowing the inevitable unwinding ... peace." Paul S., California

"Since Peru, you must know that my experience in the cave was the critical turning point for me, moving me beyond words, visualization, feelings and knowing into some other space I can not begin to describe." Daniel E., "dandream," New Mexico"I am so grateful for your leadership in Teotihuacan, for your love, for your ability to see clearly, for your walking the path before us, for following my energy to go where it needed to, for your shining face beaming into mine, for asking me to be there for you, for sharing the intimacy and the ecstasy, for your wisdom, your words, your laughter and your kindness. The memories and the feelings of love and surrender they evoke will be with me forever." Holly B., Arizona


"I would like to be a poem writer and to know a universal language of eternal love, because what happened on this journey doesn't fit in normal words. The longing in my heart for a community that supports my search for Truth was born these days, and it is so tender and new ... and I know it is going to grow strong and beautiful. This Truth that has always been alive in me came to light these days. I am free to be who I am. I deserve the love of God because he created me and he is the creater of perfection. Dance with joy becuase you are an expression of God's overwhelming love: Sing, laugh, cry, embrace, live fully! It is my -- our -- birthright. I discovered/remembered so much power in me and I trust life to show me where to put it. I know my life rejoices in God's heart, and that is a beautiful dream that makes me happy. My intent and my courage helped, but Teotihuacan is magical and the rest was just grace. My vow in Don Miguel's words: "I will use my life to express your (Creator's) will and to share my joy wherever I go." I AM a Joydancer !" M. Eugene "Maru", Mexico
"If there is even a little inkling or inner urge from within, honor it, honor yourself, and open to receive the guidance of Allan in Teo. Teo will bless you in ways that will surprise you, and your gift will ultimately be a stirring of your heart. So celebrate you, and come to Teo. In love and light with gratitude" Suzy D., Washington
"Thank you so much for your daily teachings, inspiration and absolute faith in Peru. You are just blowing me away -- you are so masterful." Thomas P., California

"All my life I've been fearful of Public Speaking. Since Teotihuacan my life has taken a dramatic shift. Today I gave a presentation at a Behavioral Health conference. I walked onto the stage, trashed the speech that was developed for me, and spoke from my heart. My staff suggested that I go to Teo often!" Kathryn J., California

"Well, words don't seem to tell the essence. I can say that I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to have had you as our guide on this fantastic voyage. I look forward to many others, by the way. Even Peru again! Thank you very much." Randy S., Florida

"The inner and outer journeys this past week were so powerful they took my breath away and are still taking my breath away. My heart is so full that right now I cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation for you and this work. I look forward to moving ahead on the path and, with your guidance and holding the space, removing the blocks - one by one - that keep me separate from all that is. You are such a powerful mirror." Rebecca C., California

"This journey with Allan to Teo has touched me deeply. Supported by the love of our group and Allan's guidance and wisdom, it has provided me with a willingness not just to look at my story, but review it, edit it, and perhaps write a whole new story based in self-accpetance and trust in spirit." Pamela H."You touched my heart so deeply. I will forever see your face, hear your voice. I am grateful that I am walking easy on this Earth the same time as you." Sattie B.

"I love Mar de Jade. The privacy and the beautiful setting are so unique. I look forward to returning again and again." M. Sweet, Illinois

"I began this journey not expecting anything. But! what I received was the most joyous experience. I learne dto love myself as me, and as a woman. To open myself to others enough for them to see the light and emotion that I Am. my journey withTeotihuacan has been amazing. When we visited the Temple of Buterflies, I understood for the first time why I was terrified of being up high. It was as if a light went on in my mind I understood that I hurt and was dizzy and so scared when I was at any height over 6-ft because I had closed the light off inside myself after having had a bad rollercoaster ride. The The higher I would get, the mroe the light wanted to be free, and the more hurt, dizzy and scared I was. When we visited the Portal soon after that day, I didn't expect to see much. What I saw was darkness, and a pale beam of light. From that came a woman, ageless and ancient; she placed her hands on my head, and peeled back the layers of my mind that was holding back the light. Seeing her do this, I knew that I could climb to the top of the Sun pyramid and come down without fear. When we reached the vortex and humped, I lay there floating, enjoying totally the dizzy feeling I had because it was my light dancing with me on that pyramid. Don Allan is an awesome teacher. Just what I needed to help me cut through the garbage and begin to heal myself. Now I have the tools I need!" Kathryn E.
"While I tried to listen, the silence between the sound of waves was crushing, and a world opened around me. Every particle of air of the world was vibrant and charged with mysical energy. What seemed to be an irritating, rather loud, crusing sound of waves, became pleasing, reverberating the rhythm of my being. As I walked on the rocks, I felt they were soft, and sustained me under my feet with love. I knew then -- I have started to dream a new dream." Esmay, California
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