The Divine Valentine

Weekly Word #3 ~ February, 2007

This universe we live in an amazing place. It is beyond amazing, to the point of unimaginable. If you were going to invent a universe, would you have thought of all the details that are here?

It was raining pretty hard yesterday here in northern California, and I began thinking about what a great system that is. All of life needs water to survive. Most of the water is in the ocean, and so a system was developed in which the water would lift up from the ocean into fluffy white balls (“clouds”) which would then drift over the land, and the water in these white balls would form droplets and (more or less) gently scatter themselves all over the land.

The land soaks up as much of the water as possible to hold for plants and animals to use, and the extra runs back into the ocean, where it waits to be lifted back into the air for delivery to the land again. Not only that, but the “clouds” are able to lift the water and leave the salt in the ocean, because the salt would be harmful to the plants and animals.

Would you have thought of those details? Or how about inventing a system to heal wounds? Or how to keep a heart beating three billion times in a human’s life—without the human even having to be aware of it!? Wow!

We are spinning through space on a ball of molten rock in a universe that is so huge (or so small) and so marvelously complex there is no way to comprehend what is going on here. There is a force here, a creative, animating power that we cannot see except by being aware of what it does. And it does everything in the entire universe.

This mysterious force is everywhere. It is in everything. They say that before anything was here, it was here. That must mean that it made what is here out of itself, since there was nothing else to make things with before anything else was here. Yes? There is One perfect whole-- which means to me that all the parts of the whole must be perfect, also.

If that is true, then YOU are clearly made by and out of that creative force, that Divine energy… Spirit, Life, God, Love. You are both made from and animated by the Divine Life Force that is the only thing here, in and through all of Creation. If the whole is a perfect One, then the parts must be perfect, also. And since you are a part of this universe, then I insist that you are perfect, also. Logic demands it, Spirit knows it.

There is no place where that Divine Perfection stops and anything else begins… nowhere it stops and you begin. You are perfect. You are The Divine.

You are the Life, the Spirit, the Love that is the Universe.


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