Prophesies and the Evolution of the Human Dream

Throughout history, humans have wanted to know about the future

(Freely adapted from a talk by don Miguel Ruiz, with gratitude)

Throughout history, humans have wanted to know about the future, about what is going to happen with humanity. We live in a universe whose real nature is unknowable, and, to a human mind that has the need to know, it appears unsafe. Our need to know, to feel safe, may be why there have always been so many different mythologies and religions around the world, all with different beliefs and doctrines. It is often not even important to our mind if something is true or not, we just have the need to feel safe, to know.

We don't really need prophesies. We do not really need anyone to make us feel safe (or afraid!) by telling us what is going to happen to us, because we have the power to contact all of that knowing through our connection to the silent knowledge contained in the universe. I don't believe the prophesies that the humans will destroy themselves, or that we will destroy the planet. I don't think we need to be saved by extraterrestrials, either! Our evolution is unfolding perfectly, according to Life's plan.

First of all, we need to see that everything is connected. Everything is one living being, just one manifestation of that force that we call Life, that we call God. A star thousands of light years away is connected with every atom of your body by Life, by God. There is only that one living being and that living being is made by billions of universes. If you understand that, you can understand why the Toltecs of ancient Mexico say that this solar system, the sun and all the planets around the sun, is one individual. They believed that it is the sun who controls life in every planet around the sun. It is all connected. It is connected through the light that comes from the sun-- there is no separation.

The light from the sun has all the information about the creation of life on the planet Earth. That light has billions of different vibrations. Every vibration can create a different form of life on the planet. The planet earth has the capacity to react to the light that comes from the sun and that reaction creates all the life forms that manifest here. The planet Earth is a living being with different organs. The atmosphere, the forests, the oceans, are all organs of that living being. And all we humans together are one organ of that living being. And just as your body grows up, gets old, reproduces and dies, humanity as a living being has the same kind of evolution.

The Toltecs teach us that we are living in a dream and there is nothing really solid about that dream. We can say that the human body is made for perception, and the human mind is made to dream. We each dream our personal dream of "reality," and we all dream together to create the “dream of the planet." The function of the human dream is to prepare the new humans by "domesticating" them and making them part of the human organ, so that our evolution continues. If we understand that, it is easy to prophesy what’s going to happen with humanity.

When the dream of the humans matures to a new level, the sun perceives the change and the sun changes the quality of the light that affects the humans, which facilitates the process of the evolution of the humans. Every time the sun changes the quality of light we call it a new sun. According to the Toltecs we have entered the time of the Sixth Sun. That means that the humans are starting to change again. This change is in the human mind and in the way we dream. The capacity of the mind to see the truth, to see what is, is changing dramatically.

The old dream is resisting, of course, and the reaction is causing tremendous upheaval in societies and individuals. The apprentices I work with often have to face this upheaval in their own minds, the war between the old dream and the new dream. They discover the "Parasite" in their minds: the Judge, the Victim, and their whole belief system from the past, eating their energy and making them unhappy. They also discover that there is a real possibility to be happy. The old dream resists. It sabotages their happiness, because the old dream feels safe with suffering, feels safe being a victim. The apprentice needs to find the Spiritual Warrior within to battle the Parasite, to accept and surrender to not knowing, and make space for the new dream.

I believe the message of this new millennium is that there are no limitations anymore. Anything and everything can happen. As the old dream breaks down, we can let go of all the old habits of selfishness, envy, anger, fear, and jealousy. They are not a part of the new dream of the Sixth Sun. The new dream is a dream of love-- love without conditions, love without expectations, love without obligations. The "Heaven on Earth" that Jesus talked about long ago is this dream, it is a dream in which you are always happy. It is a dream in which you are no longer afraid, when you awaken and become the being of Spirit that you really are. It is beginning with individuals, and spreading to the entire world. It will take time, but it is happening.

So we can see that it is easy to prophesy the future of humanity in the new millennium. The future continues the transformation of the dream. Of course there has to be resistance to the change, but that resistance creates the heat that lights our way to a higher awareness, until the light changes again, and again.

Imagine what humans will be doing after a hundred, five hundred, or a thousand more years of this evolution! In the last 500 years we have evolved from the darkness of the Inquisition through the Morse Code to a world of instant communication and community. The Human Dream has evolved tremendously in those 500 years.

Spiritually, we are becoming more and more aware that the truth of our being is that we are Life, we are everything, everywhere, we are God. This awareness is the direction of the evolution of the humans. Of course, there is no hurry. We are not in charge, although we get to play in the light of change if we choose to. And why not choose to? It is the best dream in town!

Let's dream the new dream, reflect it to the sun, and let the sun know we are getting the message-- we are learning to love ourselves and all of creation without condition. Maybe the sun will smile back.

¡Que tu sol sea brillante!
May your sun shine brightly!




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