Investing Your Faith

Perhaps you are realizing that it has not actually
worked very well to try to control your life.

We always have all of our faith in any moment. The question is, where is it invested? When you have fears and resistance to life, when you have strategies and masks to keep yourself safe in a world that you believe to be unsafe-- that is where your faith is invested. You have faith in those stories, faith in those lies. Your faith is invested in those things that keep you safe in what you believe to be an unsafe world.

To be free is to release the investment of your faith in those things of Hell, and instead to invest your faith in Life. Life is what you are, anyway. Life is digesting your food right now. Life is growing hair and making ear wax and exchanging nutrients in your cells and creating hormones and doing all of the tasks that keep "you" alive. If "you" tried to do it all without Life, you would be dead of overwhelm in 30 seconds. Life is what you are. And Life is unfolding every moment, in this present moment.

There is nothing you have to do or become to surrender to Life and invest your faith there. There is only something to stop doing, and that is believing that your are NOT Life and that Life is not doing Life as 'you.'

Perhaps it is time to invest your faith in Life itself. To trust that the Life that moves in you and animates you, as you, knows more than the "you" that is used to knowing everything. LIFE knows why you are here and where you are going. To leap into Life is to surrender your fear and everything else that you know or believe. It is to trust that which has actually been guiding you all along, in spite of your resistance and distractions. To surrender to Life is withdraw your faith from the lies and fears of the past, and to put it into a trust of Life. It means surrendering to Love. To the glorious Oneness of all Creation.

There are many fears and beliefs that will hold you back and sabotage this surrender. Perhaps there is one reality that will help you let go: Perhaps you know that it has not actually worked very well to try to control your life. Perhaps you have realized that in spite of your best efforts, your Life just keeps unveiling itself according to some plan or accident that you do not understand and cannot control.

Life is only alive in this present Now. Fear and control and resistance live in the past and the future. God is only alive in this moment, all other moments are dead. To be in this moment, present with Life, with God, is to surrender and BE. Again, you must invest your faith in Life, in order to have this present.

And it truly is a gift.

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Allan Hardman is an author and expert on personal and spiritual transformation, relationships, emotional healing-- and a Toltec Master in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.™ Allan teaches in Sonoma County, CA, and from “The House of the Eagles,” his winter home in Chacala, Nayarít, Mexico. He guides Journeys of the Spirit to sacred sites in Mexico, and hosts wellness vacations in Chacala. He is the author of The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book, and co-author of two books with Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Dr. Andrew Weil, Prince Charles, and others. Visit Allan’s extensive website at, and TACO, his online spiritual membership community.