"Guilt and Beliefs"

TACOallan: Anybody have questions, subject?

Rick: I would like to know about guilt, and how it plays into beliefs.

TACOallan: Ah yes, Rick, one of my favorite subjects.

Rick: Guilt feels emotional and beliefs seem to come from the head-- that doesn't sound right!

TACOallan: That sounds right to me, except rather than the guilt playing into the beliefs, as you say, I think the beliefs in the mind stimulate the guilt in the emotional body.

TACOallan: Doņa Gaia used to say that "Guilt is a man-made emotion to keep you from doing what you want to do."

Rick: Isn't guilt just another judgement?

TACOallan: Hmm. Guilt a judgement?

Camellia: We feel guilt when the judge says something about what we should have done and we believe it.

TACOallan: Yes, Camellia has it right, I think.

TACOallan: We are guilty when we believe the judge that says we should have done something better or different-- that we did the wrong thing. TACOallan: Or want the wrong thing. Or think or feel the wrong thing.

TACOallan: If you had the Personal Freedom, the permission, to be yourself, totally, you would not feel guilty.

Camellia: Does Personal Freedom to be myself mean knowing exactly what I want to do with my life?

TACOallan: It leads to that.

TACOallan: It is not so much a "knowing" like when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up. But more of the knowing that simply lives in you and becomes action and manifestation because there is NO resistance to it.

Camellia: Right now I know I want to be doing more than taking care of my son and doing personal development work, but I don't have a clue what. How do I move from this space to figuring out what I want to do? TACOallan: Well, I repeat, I do not believe that it is a "figuring it out" process.

TACOallan: It is a real Knowing, when there is no resistance from the Judge's stories about what it should look like. It just IS! TACOallan: And it changes.

Camellia: So, you are saying that if I have no resistance, then I will know.

TACOallan: The mind would like to think there is this one thing that you will do when you know what to do. When you grow up. { : > )

TACOallan: It is actually always in us. It always is arising in us. And the Story Teller gets hold of it, and the action dies.

TACOallan: The Story Teller "shoulds" on your ideas.

Rick: So then we don't take action?

TACOallan: Exactly, Rick.

TACOallan: The energy arises from within, heading for Action. The Story Teller takes the energy and runs it through such a complex maze that it never comes out the Action end of the system.

TACOallan: Guilt is one of the favorite stories in the maze.

Rick: Good visual.

TACOallan: Like a rat in a maze!! Only rats don't feel guilty, as far as I know. And rats don't make their own mazes. Only the human mind has that capacity. We are special. We make the maze, we get lost in it, and then suffer and complain about it.

Camellia: Guilt= "I should take action on something or I shouldn't take action on something." Integrity= "I want to take action on something."

Camellia: I choose to take action on something because it makes me happy.

TACOallan: Or, "I act."





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