"Living in Conscious Relationship"
Radio Show

Originally aired on Sunday evenings,
January thru September, 2012
7:00 ~ 8:00 pm Pacific time

I've dreamed this dream for many years, and now with the support of Sarah McCroskey and her HumanSpirit Radio Network, my dream has become a reality!

I've enjoyed being a guest on Sarah's show in the past, and now she has created this opportunity to host my own show! The theme is Conscious Relationship, and we can talk about whatever we want! Life is ALL relationships!

We'll share about Personal Growth, Romance, Fairy Dust, Dating, Intimacy, Toltec Wisdom, Telling the Truth, Happiness, False and True Love, Stress, Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements, my Five Agreements for The New Relationship, Belief Systems, Self-Esteem, Parenting, Men's Issues, The Real Meaning of Life... it's all up to you!

"Thank you for another brilliant broadcast on conscious relationship. I loved this most recent presentation.

This series progresses powerfully like a boat leaving a wake of positivity. After your talk there is a swirling in the pool that is is left for the listener." G.B.


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Click here for the Archives ~ January to June 2012

Click here for the Archives ~ July to September 2012

I'm delighted that my long time supporter Jessica Varga will be engineering and holding sacred space for these shows from New Jersy. Jessica is a freelance videographer and editor, and is responsible for all the Joydancer videos you see on YouTube.

Please plan to join me every Sunday, come with your questions, dilemmas, successes, and comments about relationships of all kinds, and life in general.

HumanSpirit Radio hosts other shows, too! Get to know us, and use this link to a calendar of shows, including:

* Waking Gods & Goddesses: Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life. With Marja West.

* HumanSpirit Radio. With Sarah McCroskey - interviews, teaching

For more resources about relationships, look for my 5-CD set on "The New Relationship ~ Five Agreements to Make Love Come True" in the Joydancer Store here.

Read "The Impotent Hero ~ Healing the Wounded Masculine" and other relationship articles in my Joydancer Notebook here.

Allan's mentorship and coaching reaches out to anyone willing to
listen and know the truth of who they are.
V.W., BC

Listen to the archives:

March 25, 2012 ~ Relationship Issues: Jealousy

April 1, 2012 ~ Relationship Issues: Anger

April 8, 2012 ~ Relationship Issues: Foregiveness

April 15, 2012 ~ Relationship Issues: Emotional Intimacy

April 29, 2012 ~ Relationship Issues: Monogamy



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I can't tell you how inspired I am by your presentations and presence. ............... It is a total blessing to have you among us and that you share your wisdom in such a generous and compassionate way with us. M.U., CA


Your coaching about conscious relationship really is effective and very satisfying ... You have helped me so much and I will be forever grateful. C.B., BC

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