The Summer Celebration of Life
The Annual Joydancer Gathering in Northern California to Celebrate Love, Life, and all things sacred.

From 1995 to 2004, Miguel Ruiz offered his apprentices and people new to his teachings a ceremony he called "The Circle of Fire" -- a spiritual circle based in love, honest communication, respect and support.

A CIRCLE reminded us of the interconnectedness of all beings, the web of life that flows through each of us

FIRE represented our passion and intent to live our lives in freedom, to the fullest of our capacity as human beings. Within the Circle, our commitment was to ourselves as individuals and to a greater family, with a willingness to support and be supported in honesty and truth.

When the decade of don Miguel's ceremonies came to an end, Allan Hardman continued the tradition with "The Summer Celebration of Life" beginning in 2005 and continuing each summer since then.

x x

Jessica opened the evening and created the spirit of the gathering:
“We are here to celebrate Love in all of its forms and manifistations, and to recognize and honor the Divine in each and every one of us. It is a time to heal, play, celebrate, and ‘Dance in Joy With Life!”

x x


Friday evening was a time to dance, play and enjoy the
music of our beloved Melissa Phillippe and friends

x x
Melissa sang her heart. Music with a message and messages with the power of music! Music to move the feet and soul.
x x

Allan’s brother Blair emerges from semi-retirement to wow
the crowd with his bass virtuosity

Will he return in 2006? We sure hope so!

x x

We party, we dance, we bond, we love...
and the celebration has begun!